MNL to CEB Aerial Shots

The view from the plane on board Cebu Pacific from Manila to Cebu. Still not used to adjusting camera settings every now and then. so these are the lucky shots I got.

Laguna de Bay lakeside

around Laguna

Mauban, Quezon on the foreground with Cagbalete Island and Balesin Island at the far end

Cagbalete close up

island off Mactan

Bohol probably

reclaimed land in Cebu

downtown Cebu City

Cebu City

Mactan Island with Cebu City in the background
Cebu City

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Heritage Monument Collage

trying to maximize Picasa 3. a collage of photos from a recent blog post.

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Heritage Monument - Cebu City

One of the things you shouldn't miss when visiting Cebu City for the first time is the Heritage Monument. It is located in the historic old Chinese district of Parian, Cebu City. Built by artist Eduardo Castrillo, it is a sculpture that displays Cebu's history. Around the are you would also see some old houses during the Spanish time.

These are some photos of the Heritage Monument.

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Support Local Tourism

#HelpDOT#HelpDOT, originally uploaded by teammanilastudio.

in support of the online drive to help Department of Tourism - Phillipines

How much of the Philippines have you visited?

excited to add more provinces. hopefully a trip to Leyte and Samar would push through next yr.

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landed in Cebu for the first time.

these are some of our pics. will post more in the future

Jump Shot at Museo Sugbo with Kuya Nick.

Parian District

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