Seat 29A

Seat 29A, originally uploaded by byahemj.

Did a lot of flying with my last trip hopping literally from one Visayas island to another and really enjoyed it. Again thanks to the seat sales and promo fares I was able book my Manila to Tacloban, Tacloban to Cebu, Cebu to Iloilo and Iloilo back to Manila in less than 2000 pesos.

This Visayas island hopping trip was probably a dry run of an upcoming 3 Southeast Asian country backpacking trip this November. This trip brought me to the farthest I've been by myself. Even though I wasn't able to see all the places I planned to visit due to some lame reasons, I'm proud to say that I was able to maximize the use of public transport for the whole duration of the trip, except for some taxi rides in Cebu. haha.

I still have this upcoming trip in September in Dumaguete and Dapitan before the big trip in November that would hopefully complete half of the Lakbay Rizal 150 Passport that I have (got the first two stamps from Fort San Pedro in Cebu and Molo Church in Iloilo from this recent trip). Looking forward for more lessons and more eating for this trip.

for now, back to working harder so i could travel farther.


See you next week!

Excited to travel again. Good thing I found this map while fixing some things.

This will be my first time to visit Eastern Visayas. Then I'll spend a night in Cebu and fly to Iloilo next day where I'll travel by bus to meet up other friends in Boracay.


Flip Flops by The Sole Project

tv kills, by the sole project, originally uploaded by byahemj.

Got my flip flops from a local company called Sole Project last Monday. Found about this initially from Unbox.Ph and got me curious about one of their designs. I checked their FB page and website and found really cool designs as well.

Sole Project is a "Project started by a group of young Filipinos who wanted to show the world that a local brand can contend with what other global brands can offer, and even gain more footing in terms of quality and design." They offer unique designs and even team up with other graphic designers. So unique that only 300 pairs are made every design.

Browsing their designs of the FB Page and their website got me interested with this TV Kills design. They actually offer 10% discount for your first pair of flip flops by adding a coupon code when you checkout an item on their website.

They'll be having a grand opening this July 23, 2011 at the Cubao Expo and they'll be offering a 10% off on everything during the opening.

Via Flickr:
Taken with picplz.


Largest pair of shoes in the world. #helpDOT

My hometown, Marikina City which is dubbed as the Philippines' Shoe Capital is also home to the Largest Pair of Shoes in the World.

The shoes are located at the Shoe Gallery in Riverbanks Mall, Barangka, Marikina City.

I have returned.

I have returned., originally uploaded by byahemj.

One of the displays of famous Philippine landmarks at the Sky Garden of SM North Edsa.


Marikina in Lomo

Photo slideshow of my humble hometown and the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, Marikina City.

All photos were shot from a Fisheye 2 lomo cam and Vivitar UWS.

-Created using the Stupeflix Youtube App


15 Things you shouldn't miss in Cebu

A trip that is almost a year in the making. Took advantage of Cebu Pacific's promo tickets for less than a P100 Manila to Cebu.

This was also a birthday trip together with some friends.



Freedom Day Weekend - 2010

Came back to paradise after a year. Made sure that we'll spend more than 24 hrs now in the island. Took advantage of the Independence Day Weekend.

Most photos were from Nikon D5000 and some from Vivitar UWS.

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Mindoro - Boracay '09

A trip back in April of 2009 wherein we spent less than 24 hours in Boracay. Before we went to Boracay, we made a side trip in Mindoro Oriental and visited their own white sand beach called Buktot. All photos were shot from a Fisheye 2 lomo cam and Vivitar UWS.

Video was made from a youtube application called Stupeflix.


The View from the Window Seat

I always make sure I get that window seat everytime I fly to get these shots.

a trip last September from Manila to Iloilo.


New Php bills

Was able to see the new 20 and 50 peso bills. Its like play money.

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Araneta Center Cubao

Taken from the free shuttle on our way to Ali Mall.

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Iloilo Dinagyang Trip Itinerary


Departure / Manila-Iloilo
Kasadyahan Festival
Iloilo City walking tour
Fireworks Display


Food Trip


​Guimaras Tour
R​aymen's Beach Resort
Island Hopping
Back to Iloilo
Last Night


Airport loilo-Manila

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