Got a travel book. The Skecthing Backpacker.

At long last. I got the chance to visit ROX earlier at Bonifacio High Street because I was also there for Yahoo's Purple Hunt Finale. Though unlucky in entering the Top 40 of Purple Hunters, I was very much happy to finally get a copy of Robert Alejandro's The Sketching Backpacker: Backpacking Southeast Asia, Parts of China from ROX. I've been reading a lot of blogs and forum posts about this about a year ago and now I got to chance to get my own copy. This is just the start and I hope it would inspire me to start my own backpacking trip around Southeast Asia.Ü
My friend and I really enjoyed seeing all the stuff at ROX. It's like going to National Bookstore or a local hardware shop in malls that you get to see really interesting things. Hope to visit ROX again when I'll have my dream backpacking trip come true.

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