Burgos, Pangasinan Weekend (Part I)

Jun27-28, 2009

I was lucky to be invited by a friend to visit his hometown of Burgos, Pangasinan around the last week of June. I already had plans of visiting Burgos after I saw his multiply album feauturing Cabongaoan Beach, a local unspoiled white sand beach. Then one Friday evening, he just invited to me to visit Burgos the coming weekend and we will be leaving at around 2am the following day, Saturday. I made my decision to go with him just two hours before we left Manila.
We decided to meet in a convenience store in Cubao at around 1:30am.

We then proceeded to Victory Liner and boarded the bus headed to Alaminos City. The bus to be used for the trip was an ordinary bus but I had no problems with that since it was early morning and the weather wouldn't be that of a hassle. I had a hard time sleeping during this trip because I was really curious to the route that we would take since this would be my first time to visit Pangasinan's western part. There were a few naps but eventually I would wake up and just view the unfamiliar landscapes. The view became more interesting and got me more excited when I saw the sea. We just caught a glimpse of Lingayen Gulf as we passed through the town of Sual Pangasinan. It was around 7am when we arrived in Alaminos City. Atlast, I set foot on Western Pangasinan's soil. From the bus terminal, we had a short walk towards a waiting jeepney that would take us to Burgos. It took us another 30minutes or so to get to the quiet town of Burgos.

Here is a slideshow of our weekend trip in Burgos, Pangasinan.

Part II of my Burgos, Pangasinan Weekend in my next post.Ü


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