Two More Days!

Still got two more days to prepare. Two more days to finish things. It feels that this is somewhat like a travel of a lifetime. That kind of feeling during my first trip abroad. Hay. Hmm. Well, it is a travel of a lifetime because it has been years since the last time I was there. Robinson's Place was just about to start construction. There was still no extension of the the pier. Hmm. Well actually I was in Iloilo about two years ago. But it was just a stopover coming from Davao after the YFC ILC. Some friends and I were just around the pier area to buy pasalubong. I wasn't able to get a taste of that "original" Lapaz batchoy. I wasn't even able to visit an aunt who works in the city. Hmm. Still have a hard time remembering the last time I was there. Haay. But hopefully my mom and I could maximize our short visit back to Iloilo.

Haay. I now see myself lounging in the farm and just listening to the sound of the leaves.

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