last day of preparations

still have the rest of the day to prepare. i'm about 3/4 finished in packing my things. the only problem i had before going to sleep this early morning was that i don't have a digital camera to bring. and i'm stuck using the 2 lomocams. my sister won't let me use the canon s5is because she would use it for the seminar they organized. but good thing, just this morning she called and told me she would borrow a camera for me and she would also lend me her 4gb memory card. yeah!

i still have to meet hs friends tonight for the last time before daryl leaves.

this would probably be my last post before i leave tomorrow morning and after the Iloilo trip. Still not sure if I could go online while I am in Iloilo because of the limited time we have there. but i'll be updating my plurk every now and then during the trip.

hoping for a good day to come!!

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