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Trip na trip's episode last night mainly focused on Laguna's Anilag Festival. Anilag from "Ani ng Laguna" (Harvest of Laguna) wherein they presented the each of Laguna's cities and towns well known products and goods. It was interesting that I learned about some of Laguna's towns that I have never heard before like Bay, Kalayaan and even Alaminos (wherein the only Alaminos I know was in Pangasinan). So this prompted me to do a little research on this nearby province of Laguna.

According to Wikipedia:

"The Province of Laguna was named after Laguna de Bay, the body of water that forms its northern boundary. Laguna de Bay, in turn, was named after the town of Bay (Laguna de Bay is Spanish which means "Lake of Bay"), the first provincial capital.

Present-day Laguna shows a thriving economy. Peopled by 1,734,618 (1997 estimated population) industrious citizens and possessing a total area of 1760 km² of land, Laguna produces millions of pesos worth of coconuts, rice, sugar, citrus fruits, lanzones and other products. Tourists flock to its beauty spots, especially Pagsanjan Falls, Los Baños Hot Springs, Makiling National Park, Caliraya Lake and many others. Levels of development vary. The towns near Metro Manila have become industrialized whereas the inner towns continue to engage in agricultural production or pursue agri-based industries and cottage and small-scale industries."

And I got really curious about Laguna's Cities and Municipalities and got this list also from Wikipedia.

CitiesCalamba City, San Pablo City, Santa Rosa City

Municipalities: Alaminos, Bay, Biñan, Cabuyao, Calauan, Cavinti, Famy, Kalayaan, LiliwLos Baños, Luisiana, Lumban, Mabitac, Magdalena, Majayjay, Nagcarlan, Paete, Pagsanjan, Paquil, Panguil, Pila, Rizal, San Pedro, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Siniloan, Victoria

map source

Off Topic:

It was also nice they showed a clip of Uma and Kat in Cebu wherein Uma was one of the Gawad Kalinga Ambassadors together with some celebrities during Singles For Christ's Conference. too bad I wasn't there. 

Had fun watching this week's episode. Looking forward for next week's episode wherein they'll feature Surigao del Norte.

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