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World Cafe: Asia on Discovery Travel and Living featured Manila for its season premiere last night. There were already news months ago that WCA with host Bobby Chinn will be in Manila to shoot. I already had ideas that they would feature an episode on Manila as they were running teasers of episode on on the Discovery Travel and Living channel where Bobby was eating street food in Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila. I was unlucky to miss half of the show but I was able to catch Bobby with a local chef cooking Chicken Adobo and with Marketman eating merienda (with halo-halo) in his home. I'll just wait for a replay.

It seems like our very own Filipino Cuisine is starting to get attention from foreign travel shows and chefs. And just months before, No Reservations with its witty travel chef host Anthony Bourdain finally visited the Philippines to shoot in Manila, Angeles and Cebu. I searched for episodes of it on Youtube since it would still take months before they would show it on a local cable channel. Marketman was also on that episode. 

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