back at marikina

I'm back since Monday night. Have lots of stories from the recent Iloilo trip but I don't know where and how to start. Been busy the past two days fixing an online store. Probably I just can't start telling the stories because I still don't have the pictures processed from Digiprint. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the photos and start writing the stories. Also hope that all shots aren't overexposed because I just learned that outdoor shots should use a lower ISO film for the fisheye2 lomo cam. I used a film with the highest iso that's why i am a bit worried. hay. hoping.

*Had a hard time giving a title to this blog entry. I am suppose to title it "back home" but i can't because I am not sure whether I can still call Marikina as my home. I just found a home in the quiet town Guimbal, Iloilo and also the humble province of Guimaras. Been dreaming that I am living in Guimaras or in Guimbal.

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