Cebu Pacific Seat Sale!!

Hay. Wish I have money to travel and travel. I have been visiting Cebu Pacific's website http://cebupacificair.com for the past days after learning that Cebu Pacific is having a seat sale again. After taking advantage of one of its seat sale last month, I have been doing mock bookings within the site and can't believe what I saw. I played with the dates and tried one and saw one round trip fare between Manila and Iloilo which was around 431pesos! whoah! Is it for real? It is way way cheaper than what we have paid during our recent trip which was 2400pesos. Hay. I wish I really have more money!

Well if you have the time and the money, you might as well spoil yourself and travel. Take advantage of the low airfares. You might also want to take me with you after giving this very good tip. heheü

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