NAIA Terminal 3

At last, I've seen personally the airport terminal that I once thought that it wouldn't open.

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 15 minutes after 1am. The check-in area was still wasn't open. Most passengers were waiting (and sleeping) on the lounge chairs nearby. We waited until around 2am and the Cebu Pacific check-in area opened. We were one of the first passenger to check in for the Iloilo flight so I asked the lady in the check-in area for a window seat (and this was my first time to be in a window seat). After checking-in, we paid for the P200 terminal fee. The lady in the booth was courteous to greet us a good morning. After that we went straight to the last check where the personnel was a bit annoying. Then we had a bit of a walk to the gate we were to wait before boarding the plane. We had to wait another 2-3 hours since our flight was still around 4:45 in the morning. We still had time to sleep while waiting but because of my excitement, I couldn't. After hours later, they announced that people can now board the plane. We had to wait a few more minutes until the plane was filled up then we were off to Iloilo. 

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